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   Planned Litters

At the current time, we have several litter expected or planned.

* Shuri is expecting babies to Mo Mo.  Due May 2022


Colours will be a full rainbow - Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Chocolate and Lilac.  Then the associated torties, with and without white.

* Priya is expecting babies to Mo Mo. Due end May 2022

Again a rainbow litter. Possibility of some British Longhairs.

* Dippy and Ottie will be mated with Ted for Devon babies in the summer

* BB will be mated with Mo Mo for Selkirk babies in the summer

Potential new homes will be highly vetted and I reserve the right to refuse sale if I believe the kitten is not suited to the new potential home. This is why I feel it is very important that the new owner takes time to come and visit their new kitten on more than one occasion once they have been reserved, by all family members. I do not keep a waiting list as I feel that this is merely a way of extracting money from innocent potential new owners, with no idea of when their baby may arrive. No one can foresee what kittens will be born in the future or understand their character or what home would suit them. 

 I work very hard to match the right home to the right kitten. If anyone would like any advice or to discuss whether a kitten would be right for them please do not hesitate to call. I will do my best! 

 There are many unregistered and registered back yard breeders out there who are more than willing to take innocent families money without investing in that kitten, looking at the pedigrees and carrying out necessary health tests. Please make sure you are always 100% happy with what you see as so many families have been hurt in this way and paid out hundreds of pounds to try to save an ill kitten.

If you are interested in any of our expected litters, please feel free to email or call so that we can learn a little more about you, your family and the new home you would be able to offer a new addition.

All kittens are adopted on the Non- Active Register, meaning they are not for breeding, unless this is discussed and agreed from the outset of communication. When approaching us to discuss adopting one of our babies please be as open as possible in your intentions. All breeders have to start somewhere and we will endeaver to help when possible.

All prospective owners will be asked to sign a legally binding contract to confirm that their kitten will be neutered / spayed and should a change of circumstances occur we will always take back the kitten at any point during its lifetime, just as a life time of support and assistance is always available. At NO POINT should a cat be sold on or rehomed without speaking to me, whenever possible I will assist as I totally understand that peoples situations change beyond their control.

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