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Devon Rex

After fostering 2 Devon babies several years ago, I fell in love with them.  They are totally different to the Brits, so naughty, but so affectionate.  I promised that one day I would have one .of my own.  I'm very excited that Paula and Sandra allowed Dippy to come to me.  Dippy has done incredibly well on the show bench as a kitten, gaining many Best of Variety and Judges choices.  Looking forward to getting her back on the bench as an adult when we can.

* Scarlett - Rose Serendipity

Dominant Tortie -  Dippy is my shadow and I can never imagine life without her.  We have 2 of her daughters  here also.  We are hoping that her and Ted will have one final litter this year and then she will be spayed to be the pampurred girl that she already thinks she is.


* Bigglesworth Ottilie

Ottie is a chocolate tortie Si-Rex and the daughter of Dippy, whom I kept from her first litter. She is a real character, definitely a chip of the old block. I am hoping to have babies with her in 2022


* Bigglesworth Special Lady


Red and white bi coloured

Freda is the baby of the group and I'm sure thinks that Ottie is really her Mum.  Hoping that Freda will be out on the show bench this year , then babies at the end 0f 2022.

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