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Past Bigglesworth Babies

* Bigglesworth Holly and Milo - British Blue and Blue Smoke

Loving live with the Rombach's in Wiltshire!

* Bigglesworth Bertie and Barnie - British Blue and Black

very snuggled and happy in their new home with the Sterry Family.

Bertie and Barnie have now been joined by one of our little girls from this years litter, Betty is now keeping an eye on her brothers! Betty is a black smoke kitten.

* Bigglesworth Tallulah Rose - Blue Silver Torti Tabby

Making friends!

* Bigglesworth Tiggi - Silver Tabby

One of our first babies, now living the life of luxury in Devon.

* Bigglesworth Alfie - Red Silver Tabby

Ruling the cupboard at our friend's home!

* Bigglesworth Big Issue - British Blue

Maturing into a gorgeous young man.