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Bigglesworth Girls

* Champion Willowood Adora Belle

Tested PKD Negative Aug 2012

Dora is neutered and enjoying retirement.  As the matriarch of the house, she rules everyone - human, canine and feline with an iron fist.


* Makdissy Clementine


  Chocolate Tortie and White


Clemmie has joined me from the very successful Makdissy Cattery and my very good friend, Kelly Makdissy, who lives in Stoke on Trent.  I waited a long time for her and I'm so happy that I was given the chance to care for her.


* Bigglesworth Liverbird


Chocolate Tortie and White

Birdie is the daughter of Clemmie and Boris and such a beautiful young lady.  Unfortunately, I dont think she has enough white to be shown under GCCF guidelines, but she had to stay; being of my favourite colour.  Fingers crossed for more white next time.  Birdie is still under 12 months, so maybe babies at the end of 2022.


* Bigglesworth UllNeverWalkAlone


Dominant Tortie

Lottie is the daughter of Carrie and Boris and was going to be going to a friend as a queen, I'm so pleased she changed her mind!!!  Lottie is just gorgeous - but not the brightest button!  She is still a baby, so no babies until 2023.  But im hoping to get her out on the show bench now that they have restarted.

* Bigglesworth Captain Marvel


 Chocolate Spotted ​

Carrie has now been neutered and will stay here with us as a spoilt lady.  We have kept 3 kittens from her last litter so her character remains within our breeding.


* Bigglesworth Priya


British Longhair


Priya is a beautiful young lady, officially my daughters cat and currently expecting her final litters of babies to Mo Mo.  She can be a madam and life is never quiet when she is around.  But she has an incredibly soft and silky coat, which she self manages very well thank fully.

* Priya will be looking for a forever home once her babies are weaned and she has been spayed.


* Bigglesworth PrincessOfWakanda


Red and white Bi Colour

Shuri is the daughter of  Theo and you can definitely tell! She is a BIG girl and although can be shy, loves her fuss and food.  

* Shuri is currently expecting babies to Mo Mo.  Colours can be a whole rainbow as both carry dilute and chocolate.


* Bigglesworth Takuna Matata


Brown tortie spotted British Shorthair Variant (longhair)

Another daughter of Carrie and Boris.  My daughter was told she could keep one and I knew instantly who she would choose, despite my protests that i thought she would be a fluffy!  She is totally bomb proof as she has been handled  (lots) since she was born and even carried around in the hood whilst my daughter was studying.  Again no babies until 2023.






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