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About Us

Many years ago, I was quickly becoming a cat show widow, with my then partner going off to various parts of the Country with her oriental and Siamese cats. Wanting to show some interest, I agreed to go with her to one of these cat shows and it was on this occasion I was introduced to the British Shorthair breed. It was love at first sight and I was soon asking lots of questions, getting to know breeders and finding out all I needed to, in order to be trusted with my first girl. Tickle, a blue cream older girl, came to live with us after already having a litter. Being a bit of a pre Madonna, she didn't like the show bench, but definitely owned the sofa and went on to produce some beautiful babies for me.

We currently have just 3 British and 1 Selkirk Rex queen, along with our retired foundation queen, who is the ruler of the house in every way! We also have a british boy and a young Selkirk boy, who are both now proven and we are looking forward to welcoming their first litters in April 2018. I am very proud of our furry family members and very grateful to some amazing breeders who have trusted me with their lines, so that in turn I can improve my own breeding. I am particularly grateful to Mr Stephen McConnell of the Alphaberry Prefix and Mrs Jan Bradley, Sheephouse Prefix, who are both GCCF Breed specialist Judges and have helped me no end with my learning and breeding programme. I am very proud to say that all of my cats have achieved their Champion status and our stud is now working towards his Imperial Grand Champion title. Percy was also crowned Best In Show Selkirk Adult at the Rex Cat Show 2018, at just 9months and 1 day of age. A great achievement for a cat who 2 days earlier was still classed as a kitten. I became a GCCF Pupil Judge in the British Shorthair Section in 2020, just as shows stopped due to Covid 19, however I look forward to my judging engagements as shows recommence. 

I do not aim to do things on a large scale, all my cats live in our home with myself, children and our dog, Milly. They have access to their 'catio' that they can access from our living room when the weather is nice and they want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  Most of the year this is also our main social place for the family and home 'office.'  All my babies are born in my bedroom, where they spend the first few weeks bonding with their mum and enjoying lots of attention. They then move downstairs to get used to all the household coming and goings of a large family. New owners always comment on the nature and character of their new babies, that they are relaxed and un-phased by things and that the transition to their new families was smooth, with no upset or hiding. I think this is down to the attention that all kittens get from all members of the family and the fact that I encourage regular visits from new families so that the kittens know the new smells and faces of their new families.

All our cats are treasured members of the family and everything is done in their best interests and health. We are a PKD normal household and all my cats have been health tested to ensure that no known hereditary issues are passed to their offspring. Our kittens are ready to leave at 13 weeks of age and are fully vaccinated and vet checked on at least 2 occasions. They will be litter trained, socialised and ready for the next chapter of their lives. We offer a lifetime of advice and support and stay in contact with the majority of our kittens owners, seeing them grow and flourish is the best possible news a breeder can get. Seeing their updated pictures always brings a smile to my face and lots of precious memories relived.

Bigglesworth Cattery is proud to be a member of the Bristol and District Cat Club, CAMBRIA Cat Club, Colourpointed and Rex Cat Club, The Wyvern Cat Club, The Southern British Shorthair Cat Club and The Selkirk Rex Cat Club. We are members of these organisations so that we can continue to enhance our own knowledge and understanding of the British Shorthair, but also ensure that our breeding progress' in line with Breed Standards whilst enabling research into specific areas of health and genetics.

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