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Show News 2016

 13th February 2016

Croydon Cat Club Show and Southern Counties Cat Club Show

* Bigglesworth Liberty - Selkirk Rex adult Class

Berty had an excellent day at the joint show and managed to achieve her last 2 Champion Certificates, making her now Champion Bigglesworth Liberty!!!! She also won Best Of Breed in both shows and had many, very positive comments from fellow breeders and judges. Thank you so much to those judges who felt her worthy of this title.

Show report from Mrs J Bradley, Judge:

1CC & BOB JENKINS BIGGLESWORTH LIBERTY , long haired girl around 18 months lovely size, showing very nice width to head with short nose, level bite good padded muzzle developing, a little more strength to chin hopefully will come, nice curly whiskers, medium ears nicely placed on head with fair width between, round golden expressive eyes, strong boned rectangular body with stocky legs and paws, loved her coat, soft flowing wave throughout, tighter crimping around neck and leg areas, well prepared, attractive Tortie and White colouring, great plummy tail in balance to body, handled well

* Adiftshe Mahe (Arthur) - Cream Kitten Class

Arthur had a great debut on the show bench, getting 1st and BOB in both shows. He had a great time, having lots of cuddles and thoroughly enjoyed his day trip. Thank you to all his judges for their care and consideration.

 19th March 2016

London Cat Club and Surrey and Sussex Cat Club

* Champion Bigglesworth Liberty - Grand Champion Selkirk Rex Class

This was Berty's first shot at the Grand Champion class' and she did us proud! Was so happy to see that she had been given both certificates available on the day and then BOB in both shows. Just one more certificate to go!