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Welcome to our website! Bigglesworth is the GCCF prefix of our small family breeding set up in Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West England, just off Junction 12 of the M5.  We are very proud to be the only breeding cattery in the Stroud Council licensing area to be licensed to sell pets.  This is a legally required expectation from any breeder who sells kittens to others.  On our first application we were given the highest rating of a 4 star, 3 year licence.  Proving that we are breeding to a high standard, with no short cuts or expense spared.

Our aim is to show and breed happy and inquisitive cats who are true to the breed and will hopefully improve and enhance our lines as we bid to strengthen our chosen colours of red, chocolate, black as well as associated bi and tri - colours and their dilution.


The whole family care for and adore each and every cat that is part of our home and take great interest in our kittens for the whole of their lives. We will only allow kittens to go to very special life long homes and will not register a kitten on the active list for those who are wanting "just one litter" as we feel that this is not in the best interest of the cat. Breeding should never be undertaken without careful investigation and forethought and definitely not with the idea that you will make money!

You can also keep up with new information and show success on our Facebook page; Bigglesworth Cats. Be sure to add us as this is where kitten pics are more regularly updated.

I was very honoured in 2020 to be accepted as a Pupil Judge within the British Section.  It's been a long process, working through the various stages and still a long road until I'm fully qualified.  But very proud.  

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