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Bigglesworth Boys

Grand Champion Aphaberry Boris Becker (Boris)

Born: 04.09.16

Boris is an incredible red self, who is tick based and so has a beautifully clear coat.  He is an enormous boy, with a very gently nature.  I am beyond ecstatic that he has been able to join us to improve the size and boning of my kittens and look forward to seeing what he produces.  My huge thanks go to his breeder Stephen McConnell for allowing him to join me.

Boris is at Closed Stud unless invited, he is blood group B


 * Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion (TICA)
    Champion (GCCF) Makdissy Rupert The Bear

* Rupert


Born: 17.05.2017

Rupert was bred by good friend, Kelly Makdissy, who successfully campagned him to be the WORLDS BEST cinnamon British Shorthair during 2017-18 show season.  He has now joined us so that he can work towards his GCCF titles, obtaining his Champion status in 3 straight shows and now working towards his Grand champion title. 

Rupert is at closed stud, unless invited.  He is Blood Group B

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